Middle School News

Renewal Hearing Reminder

Reminder: Join us tonight at our Winter Celebration and Renewal Hearing. Dinner will be provided! Show your support for ECS

Parent Support Video (1)

Appreciation Video from one of our Supportive Parents. Thank you, we appreciate you as well!‬

Parent Support Video (3)

‪Another appreciation video from one of our parents. Thank you and we appreciate you guys as much as you appreciate us. 

Parent Support Video (2)

An appreciation video from another supportive parent. Thank you.

Graduation Countdown

The countdown begins; only three days left until we get to celebrate both of our graduating classes. Both graduations will be aired live on June 25th,2020. Our middles school’s graduation will be at 11am and our high school’s graduation will be at 2pm. .Middle School Link: http://equalitycharter-ms.stageclip.com/High School link: https://equalitycharter-school.stageclip.com/#EqualityVirtual2020#EquaLITY#MoveTheTassel

Virtual Graduation Update

Seniors, we know nothing can replicate an in-person experience but during these challenging times, we wanted to find a way to honor you and create a moment to celebrate. We want you to look forward with confidence, look forward to graduating, and look forward to your future! We’re delighted to welcome you to your virtual […]

This Is What They Did

This Is What They DidIt’s time for people to come out from all of this silence, we just tryna understand why cops have so much violence.Another black man killed in broad daylight, I bet his last day he was just hopin that it would be bright.George, Eric, and Phillando are citizens too, but the evil […]

George Floyd

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you about the tragic death last week of 46-year-old George Floyd. Police brutality has taken the life of another unarmed Black man, shaking the nation with grief and outrage. We are saddened by this loss, and deeply disturbed by the persistent racism and aggression among […]

Virtual Graduation

Due to the pandemic, Equality High School will be hosting a virtual graduation for our seniors to commemorate them for all their hard work. This will be aired live on YouTube prime on June 25th at 2 pm. Save the date!‬

Mr. Calimese

‪A message from our middle school dean, Mr. Calimese.

Weekly Scholar Highlight

‪As promised, here is our weekly video introduced by Ms. Benway -this week it highlights our scholars, who show their appreciation for all of you!!!!

ECMS Goes Live!

ECMS Goes Live!https://equalitycharterschool.org/ecms-goes-live/

Monday 5/4 Video

Monday 5/4 Videohttps://equalitycharterschool.org/monday-5-4-video/

Monday 4/20 Video

Monday 4/20 Videohttps://equalitycharterschool.org/monday-4-20-video-2/

Middle School Live Learning

Learn more about our Middle School’s live learning here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhPMYYksku0&feature=youtu.be‬

ECMS Goes Live!

Monday 4/20 Video

Reminder- Lottery Friday 4/10 at 9am!

Zoom dial-in information can be found at the end of our virtual open house below. Guides on how to use Zoom are available on the MS and HS pages.

Weekly Video Check-in

Happy Monday! Enjoy this week’s Monday morning video featuring HS Teacher Ms. Ciara Simmons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDvugr-mOVU&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3Bqk7utPA3EPHb_hpY-5dZLC7X3aEw4d6ehvqcjkAwJL6h0E0rOtbyo5o

Join us for a virtual open house!

We weren’t able to host in person this year, but we still wanted you to have the opportunity to learn more about our school, especially with the lottery approaching on April 10th!! Click here to come along! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-vYxKdgLSI&list=PLdki3XT965OzNh-89yzL7bHsVXZ1l_w-H&index=4&fbclid=IwAR3b4nbLCrpnBXwiVr9j3aPn9mxNDN_NSfGx7-s3u83ZEQqmpSQcHsT7lDc