We are incredibly happy to report that Equality is the top ranked middle school in its Community School District for the past two years.

Equality is extremely proud of their results on the 2013-2014 state exams in both Math and ELA.

Math: Equality outperformed New York City, the Bronx, and District 11.

ELA: Equality’s ELA scores grew tremendously in comparison to the growth seen across all NYC schools, showing that Equality is working diligently to increase scholars performance each year.

One of the top middle schools in NYC!

Equality has ranked in the top 25% of ALL New York City middle schools for the past two years.

School Survey Results

In addition, Equality is proud of its annual survey results. Our staff, scholars, and parents rate our school above average AND we out rank the citywide average in every single category.

* 2013-14 New York City Department of Education Survey