Charter schools receive less financial resources than public schools and are required to do more with them. We seek the additional support needed to provide each scholar with the best education possible from various sources, including individual donor support like yours.

Support our new Career Center


Equality Charter School provides a place where all scholars are accepted and receive the support they need to grow academically and socially. While we use funds to support programming in many areas*, our main focus for our fundraising efforts is the High School’s Career Center. In addition to providing scholars with their high school diplomas, the Career Center offers our scholars with advanced academic and professional opportunities, based on demonstrated aptitude and interest, in order to prepare them for the workforce.

* All donations are for the general support of our school.

It will include the following elements:
  • Graphic Design & Programming
  • Computer Labs
  • Computer and Printer Repair Stations
  • Virtual and physical library space
  • Career and College Preparation Stations including AP/SAT/ACT, interview, resume, and college application support centers

How Your Level of Support Helps


7 Mac computers for our
Graphic Design and
Programming Computer Lab


Approximately 400
books for our library


Computer and Printer
Repair Station furniture
and supplies


Software for computers in Graphic Design and Programming Computer Lab


A printer for the
computer lab


1 Chromebook


2 Chairs for the
computer lab or libary


1 book for the
physical library