Much of the curriculum that teachers deliver in the classroom each day is created
internally. Using the Common Core Learning Standards as a guide, we build our
curriculum to ensure that our scholars are obtaining the knowledge and skills they
need to succeed in college and their chosen career.

All Equality scholars take required courses such as math, science, ELA, social studies, art, physical education, health, music, and
Career Center classes (high school only). Equality scholars are also offered additional options as supplements to our already rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum.

Common Core Aligned Curriculum

Interventions for Remediation

Because some scholars come to us below grade level in a variety of areas, we offer academic programming that both challenges them at their grade level while also giving them the opportunity to close the gap in areas of learning where they have fallen behind.

These support opportunities include:
  • Use of co-teachers (2 teachers per room) to alter instruction
  • Small group or differentiated instruction that is adjusted according to scholars' skill levels
  • In Read 180 classes
  • In Achieve 3000 classes
Support in Addition to the Regular School Day

We also provide classes and sessions to assist scholars in need of additional academic interventions.

These are offered:
  • Before school
  • During lunch
  • After school
Opportunities for Enrichment

In addition, Equality scholars are offered advanced options once they fulfill course prerequisites.

In middle school, options include:
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Living Environment
In high school, the selection of challenging courses is broader:
  • Career Center Classes
  • AP classes
  • College-credit bearing classes in a variety of content areas