Equality offers approximately 90 new seats for 6th graders and all open seats for any other grade levels. Applications will be accepted for the lottery if they are submitted online or postmarked by April 1 of each year. Applications submitted after that date will be accepted, but they will be placed on the waitlist in the order received.

  • Siblings of Equality scholars receive preference in the middle and high school lotteries.
  • Students from CSD 11 receive preference in our middle school lottery.
  • Students from CSD 8 receive preference in our high school lottery.
*At registration you will be asked to provide proof of residence and relationship to the child.

Online Applications

Please complete the application online

Paper Application

We prefer an online application, but if you choose to complete a middle school or high school paper application please mail it to:

Equality Charter School,
4140 Hutchinson River Parkway E
Bronx, NY 10475
or fax it to: (718) 320-3721